Frankenstein 1931              
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cast and crew of life without soul - 1916
William W. Cohill (Victor Frawley)
Percy Darrell Standing (His creation)
George De Carlton (William Frawley)

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Director: Joseph W. Smiley (Dir)
Writer: Jesse J. Goldburg (Scen)

Director: Joseph W. Smiley (Dir)
Release Date: Nov 1915



film summary
Victor Frawley, an eager young scientist, announces to his fiancée, Elizabeth Lavenza, his discovery of "the chemistry of life." Warned by family and friends of the dangers of his invention, Victor falls asleep while reading Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and dreams the story of the novel, with himself as the main character. Using his regenerative fluid, Victor fashions a new breed of man, invincible but without soul, whose brutality frightens away even his creator. His life threatened, Victor reluctantly creates a monster mate at the insistence of his "child." Fearing the consequences of the coupling, however, Victor destroys the mate, incurring the wrath of the lonely monster, who kills the doctor's sister and friend in revenge. The monster persists in his bloody destruction, murdering Elizabeth, and finally drives Victor to his own death. The dream over, Victor wakes, thankful for life, and rushes to destroy his evil fluid.