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cast, crew and summary of son of dracula - 1943

Lon Chaney Jr. - Count Alucard
Robert Paige - Frank Stanley
Louise Allbritton - Katherine Caldwell
Evelyn Ankers - Claire Caldwell
Frank Craven - Dr. Harry Brewster
J. Edward Bromberg - Prof. Lazlo
Samuel S. Hinds - Judge Simmons
Adeline De Walt Reynolds - Queen Zimba
Pat Moriarity - Sheriff Dawes
Etta McDaniel - Sarah
George Irving - Col. Caldwell
Walter Sande - The Jailor
Cyril Delevanti - The Coroner
Jack Rockwell - Deputy Sheriff
Jess Lee Brooks - Steven
Joan Blair - Mrs. Land
Sam McDaniel - Andy
Charles Moore - Mathew
Robert Dudley - Kirby
Charles Bates - Tommy Land
Emmett Smith - Servant
son of dracula


Robert Siodmak

Eric Taylor - based on a story by Curt Siodmak

Ford Beebe

George Robinson

Saul A. Goodkind

Music Composer:
H.J. Salter

Art Direction:
John B. Goodman
Martin Obzina


film summary
For years there have been questions about the real identity of the title character in the Universal horror classic SON OF DRACULA. Despite the obvious evidence of the film's title, some claim that the character is not Dracula's son but Dracula himself. In the film itself Dr. Lazlo states that the vampire Count who arrived at Dark Oaks (who's name spelled backwards is Dracula) is probably a "descendent" of the original Dracula. Yet some still insist that "Son of" in the title is a misnomer and merely a generic sequel term not meant to be taken literally. Since Kay Caldwell, the Count's newly undead bride, reveals that Count Alucard's real name is Count Dracula and a connection is immediately made to the well-known Hungarian vampire, many believe this indicates that he is actually the original Dracula.