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cast, crew and summary of abbott & costello meet the mummy - 1955

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete
Bud Abbott - Peter
Lou Costello - Freddie
Marie Windsor - Mme. Rontru
Michael Ansara - Charlie
Dan Seymour - Josef
Kurt Katch - Dr. Gustav Zoomer
Richard Karlan - Hetsut
Richard Deacon - Semu
Mel Welles - Iben
George Khoury - Habid
Eddie Parker - Kharis, the Mummy
Jan Arvan - Waiter
Michael Vallon - Dr. Azzui
Kem Dibbs - Policeman
Mitchell Kowal - Policeman
Ken Alton - Policeman
Lee Sharon - Blonde Girl
Hank Mann - Native
Donald Kerr - Newspaperman
Peggy King -

abbott & costello meet the mummy abbott & costello meet the mummy


Charles Lamont

John Grant - based on a story by Lee Loeb

Howard Christie

George Robinson

Russell Schoengarth

Music Composer:
Joseph Gershenson

film summary
Pete and Freddie (Abbott and Costello) overhear a Cairo archaeologist’s chatter about discovering a legendary mummy and decide to apply as chaperones for the corpse’s journey to America. But when they arrive at the archaeologist’s home, he has been murdered; the mummy seems to have disappeared and to top it all off, the boys become owners of a sacred medallion that holds the key to the location of an ancient buried treasure that many would kill for! Learning that the medallion is cursed, Pete hides it in a most appetizing place and Freddy bites the bait. Then it’s up to the bumbling Americans to preserve the legend of the mummy and keep the treasure from falling into the wrong hands. Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy is loaded with surprises. One of the most interesting is Lou Costello’s daughter Carole appearing as a cigarette girl who pours water all over her dad! This gem of a film is filled with laughs for everyone in your family – especially Mummy!

The boys are in Eqypt and out of work when the distinguished archaeologist Dr. Gustav Zoomer is found murdered and Abbott fingered by the police. Chance places a magic, powerful amulet in Costello's hands, so of course various malicious elements pursue him. Abbott and Costello end up in the desert, in the tomb of the mummy Klaris, who turns out to be very alive!

A very late comedy (1955), "Meet the Mummy" is extremely poorly plotted and only fitfully funny -- usually when the boys are engaged in mutual abuse and patter that doesn't forward the plot (such as the amulet in the burger, or the "The shovel is my pick" in imitation of "Who's on first?"). "Egyptian" dancers do East Indian moves, a Chinese waiter works a Cairo dive, and the villainous Semu turns out to be played by a very un-Egyptian Deacon, whom old TV show fans will recognize from his roles as Mel Cooley on the "Dick Van Dyke Show" and various doctors and psychiatrists on "Mr. Ed."

abbott & costello meet the mummy

abbott & costello meet frankenstein

abbott & costello meet frankenstein

abbott & costello meet the mummy